Seminar: technical, legislative and safety aspects related to (electrical) bicycles | Agoria

Seminar: technical, legislative and safety aspects related to (electrical) bicycles

Gepubliceerd op 04/09/19 door Dirk De Moor
Op 10 oktober organiseert Agoria een seminarie over verschillende aspecten van het gebruik van (elektrische) fietsen. Het seminarie behandelt zowel de technische, wettelijke als veiligheidsaspecten die verband houden met de elektrische fiets en de infrastructuurbehoeften. Lees de uitnodiging (in het Engels) en schrijf in!

Offering an environmental friendly mobility solution, the sales of electrical bicycles has surpassed the sales of conventional bicycles. Speed pedelecs are well received and represent a growing portion of the electrical bicycles.

Several experts from the academic and industrial world will present their views.

  • Importance of e-bikes in the mobility of the future (Ceri Woolsgrove, European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF))

  • Road safety and infrastructure for bicycles (Stijn Daniels, VIAS Institute)

  • Electric two-wheelers : types of vehicles & classification (Bram Rothier, KULeuven)

  • Homologation process of speed pedelecs (Sébastien Paternotte, Agoria)

  • New European Directive for Insurance of motorized vehicles and the impact on electric two wheelers (Anna-Lena Scherer, Conebi)

  • Towards universal charging infrastructure for e-bikes (Jan Cappelle, KULeuven)

  • Helmets for electric two-wheelers (Karin Eufinger, Centexbel)

  • Standards overview, including bicycles parking (Dirk De Moor, Agoria)

 Detailed descriptions of each presentation can be found here

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The session will entirely be conducted in English.

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